Interview with Tatsuo Suzuki | Tokyo, Japan

Hello Tatsuo Suzuki, we are very honored to have you as our first Featured Street Photographer on Street View Photography.

Please tell us a little bit about yourself to begin with. 

I live in Ota, Tokyo, Japan.  I started shooting street only 4 or 5 years ago.  I’m a 9 to 5 businessman, so I mainly shoot on the weekends, on Saturday or Sunday.I also like music.  Maybe I have over 5,000 CD’s.  Mainly I like Free Jazz, Punk Rock, New Wave and more.


Could you share with us how you first became interested in street photography?

I don’t know exactly.  Maybe because I like people very much.


Please tell us about your workflow from the moment you first step onto the street.

Nothing special.  I walk around through the streets, if I find charmed subjects, I just shoot. Sometimes I talk to them to shoot their portraits, sometimes no talking, just street snap.


What would you say characterizes your work in comparison to other street photographers?

I’m into the people, so I shoot people mainly. I would like to express their passion, feeling, pain and more.  Not interested in cool composition shots.


Has your style of shooting changed since you first started?

When I first started, I mainly shot objects on the street in colour. but that changed day by day. Gradually I mainly shot people in B&W.  In my opinion, B&W expresses more passion of the people.


Do you see your personality reflected in your work?

Maybe, reflected.  My feeling is complex.  And I am not interested in comical street or humorous street shots.  I would like to shoot the street in a high degree of tension.


One of the great elements seen in several of your street portraits is not only the close proximity in which you shoot your subjects, but also the eye contact they have with you.  I have always interpreted by their facial expressions that you are often able to form a positive connection with them.  Do you often speak to and interact with many of your subjects?

Portraits, I talk to them with my open mind.  My open mind makes their natural expressions, I think.


Among your works, which is your favorite and why?

It’s difficult to choose, because I see next vision in my mind.  My photos are assets in the past. I would like to take better shots today than yesterday, and better ones tomorrow than today.  So I don’t have to agree with my past photos.


Do you have any tips for people who are just starting out in street photography?

Keep shooting. See your own eyes. Believe in yourself and your sense. The results, it will come later.


To see more of Tatsuo’s work please visit his sites: