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Top 10: Shadows on the Wall

Street View Photography’s Top 10: Shadows on the Wall 


If we look at the images we showcase on our Street View Photography Facebook pages, or any other photo sharing community for that matter, we often find that images featuring a shadow as a subject perform exceptionally well. Shadow Photography seems to capture people’s imagination and engage the viewer emotionally, ensuring its interestingness and popularity.

We all cast a shadow and is there anyone, who has not tried jumping over it at least once in their life? Perhaps it is the child in us that seems to connect to the shadow so very well and that way takes us back in time like the smell of our old classroom or the perfume of our first love. There is something magical and enticingly mysterious about the shadow. It’s a part of us but at the same time a complete stranger, who always seems to be threatening to set itself free to lead a life of its own.

#10: Multiplicity

This picture has the power to turn two people into four. The shadows reflected on the wall walk side by side with the real subjects.

“untitled”  by Ilan Ben Yehuda

by Ilan Ben Yehuda


#9: The man and the lamp

They’re not real but they come alive on this picture. A great example of a view from the top, where a perfect harmony between the shadows is achieved.

“Untitled” by Fabian Schreyer, Augsburg

by Fabian Schreyer, Augsburg

#8: The shadows of the present and the past

The girl is the present occurrence and the past is represented by the imposing gate and its shadow.

"Shadows of the Past" by Cleon Adonis Santos

“Shadows of the Past”
by Cleon Adonis Santos

#7: Would you like to ride my bike?

Bicycles are always interesting subjects and their shadows – even more so.

"Vélib" by Fabien Nail Photographie , Paris

by Fabien Nail Photographie , Paris

#6: I walk alone

Or not! The shadow and the stripes viewed from the top, the real world and an imaginary girl seem to live in the same picture.

"Stripes"  by Zé Miguel Cabrita Matias ,Lisbon

by Zé Miguel Cabrita Matias ,Lisbon

#5 Who’s there?

That is what the girl seems to be asking, when she looks to her own shadow. Again, a powerful interaction between the shadows and the human presence.

“untitled” by Gabi Ben Avraham, Tel Aviv, 2011

by Gabi Ben Avraham, Tel Aviv, 2011

#4: Shadows are not always on the walls

They may appear on the floor to create lines, which guide us to the main subject, in this case: the bike rider.

“untitled” by Michael Ares

by Michael Ares

#3 Play with me

This is what the shadows off of the wall seem to be saying.The position of the arms creates an effect of movement and interaction with the girl to the right.

“untitled” by: Andreas Paradise

by: Andreas Paradise

#2: Let’s play together

The shadows seem to play football, as if they were real players, the picture is inverted to create this sensation to the point.

"Wahran" by Ram Zy

by Ram Zy

#1 Shadows on the Wall

The shadows are the main subjects who seem to climb up the stairs as if they were running away from their owner or did leave them behind a long time ago already. This frame truly shows “Shadows on the Wall” and leaves anything else to the imagination of the viewer, which is why it is our #1.

"Girls, girls, girls!" by Fernando PC Street Photography Lisbon, June 2013

“Girls, girls, girls!”
by Fernando PC Street Photography Lisbon, June 2013

These are our Top 10: Shadows on the Wall. Try to catch them yourself, it’s fun though tricky. Sometimes they go around a corner, suddenly change direction or disappear completely but If you do – share them and link them in the comments below!

With special thanks to Francisco Fernandes for the selection and caption writing.

Your Street View Photography – Team