Top 10: Reflections

Street View Photography’s Top 10: Reflections


We see it every day – be it our face, looking back at us from a mirror, a distorted shape of a building in a random puddle or the silhouettes of strangers in the windows of the stores we pass by, as we walk down the street. Unconciously, a great power is bestowed upon such a simple phenomenon as a reflection. Not only does it show, who ”the prettiest of us all” is or can be used as a lethal weapon against Medusa, as the ancient stories tell us – it also seems to confirm our existence. We crave it, we fear it, we’re confused by it. It blurs out the imperfections, it smooths out the edges of our – perhaps boring at times – everyday’s reality. With nothing but a few drops of water or a conveniently placed piece of glass, a reflection, carefully composed into a photograph, can take us into a parallel universe of fantastic shapes and magical abilities, like riding the sky on your bike or even walking on water. Let’s have a look at some of the most compelling stories, a reflection in street photography can tell us.

#10: Sold Out

The  picture shows a man and his bicycle. The reflection is affected by the texture of the road  – we don’t see the man, only his representation on the ground.

"sold out" by Ag Adibudojo

“sold out”
by Ag Adibudojo

#9: The Man

The man walks over the water through the fog. The reflection creates a sense of dual existence.

"THE MAN"  by Cedric Roux

by Cedric Roux

#8: Direction

Which Direction should I choose, might be this man’s question. He walks to the left, to the right and in both the directions at the same time.

"Direction" by Dacian Dorca

by Dacian Dorca

#7: Getting Wet

The reflection of the entrance on the floor is creating a sensation of a tubular entrance.

"Untitled" by Vasco Leão

“Untitled” by Vasco Leão

#6: See me on the ceiling

The reflection on the Ceiling allows the photographer to show a completely different and singular view of the pedestrians. Looking at this picture makes us feel as if we’re flying over people’s heads.

“untitled" by Ivy Wong

by Ivy Wong

#5: The heaven on earth

The man walks in the narrow strip that separates the sky and the reflection on the ground: suddenly the two men seem to be  walking between the skies.

"The heaven on earth" by Gabriel Salvador

“The heaven on earth”
by Gabriel Salvador

#4: Riding Skyscrapers

Using reflection allows the bicycle to ride the sky, jump over the skyscrapers and to return to the ground – a good  way to let our imagination travel to the unknown.

"Riding Skyscrapers" By Mirela Momanu

“Riding Skyscrapers”
By Mirela Momanu

#3: The end of the tunnel

There is always light to be reached at the end of the tunnel – no matter which road you take.

End of tunnel By massimiliano marchese

End of tunnel By massimiliano marchese

#2: I see the light

The man, the lamp, and the tree, three subjects reflected on the ground create one great scenario, rich and mysterious.

"Untitled" by Prashant Godbole

by Prashant Godbole

#1: Anonymous

Anonymous we walk, a spectacular picture with human bodies reflected on the ground.

"Anonymous" By Sammy Sharon

By Sammy Sharon

These are our Top 10: Reflections. Try to catch them yourself, it’s fun though tricky and if you do – share them with the community by linking them in the comments below!

Your Street View Photography – Team

With special thanks to Francisco Fernandes (selection and writing), Agnieszka Maria Malmkvist (editing and writing)
and Silver Stalin (copy editing).