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Interview with Oliver Merce | Romania

Hello Oliver Merce ! We are honored to be able to interview you for our Featured Photographer format on!

Templatet Featured Photographer

Please tell us a little bit about yourself to begin with.

First of all, I would like to thank Street View Photography team for considering me worthy for this interview; this is an honor for me. I am 36 years old and I was born in a small village (Calugari – Bihor, Romania). Nowadays I live in a village near Timisoara. I work in forest ecology (due to this kind of work, a lot of people ask me why I’m not photographing landscapes and nature). Photography is just a hobby for me, as well as the wonderful breed rottweiler. (more…)

Top 10: Color Photography

Street View Photography’s Top 10: Color Photography


Have you ever experienced taking a street shot in color and while processing it discovered, how it turns into the proverbial gold, once you press the ”Convert to Greyscale” button..? Or perhaps you’ve shown the color version to some of your photo buddies and they’d say: hmmm, why don’t you try it in black&white…? The photo might have been just average, sure – or it could be an example of how stereotypes are born; stereotypes attempting to convince us, that street & color just aren’t right for each other – as some seem to believe. The selection below proves them wrong. Whether the powerful tool of color is applied to subtly enhance a point to be made or it nearly jumps at you out of the picture, loud and strong – some street photo stories couldn’t exist without it. Let us take you through the top 10 of such stories.


16 Photography Documentaries every Street Photographer should watch

16 Photography Documentaries every Street Photographer should watch

This content was created by Street Hunters and featured on Street View Photography.


In the last year I have found myself wanting to learn more and more about photography. Books are always a great resource, as are also YouTube videos and blogs. But, I found that I needed something that would give me a ton of objective knowledge in a short amount of time. So, I thought that I should check and see what documentaries I could find online or on DVD that I could watch. Documentaries are always a rich and most of the times objective source of knowledge. So I did some digging and I found many resources that suggested various documentaries. I read some online reviews to help me make a short list of the utmost best choices and then I proceeded with watching them, one by one. Today, I am going to share this list with you, because I believe that every Street Photographer should watch these films and enrich their historical and practical knowledge of photography. (more…)

Street photography V | Virtual Photography

Street Photography V | Virtual Photography

Street Photography V - Virtual Photography

In September, 2013, the video game, Grand Theft Auto V, was released after more than 5 years in the making. It was also the most expensive game ever made, and went on to make $800 million within the first 24 hours of sales.

Being a fan of GTA, I went to the midnight launch and played the night away. As I played, I noticed that the characters had cameras on their phones, which could be uploaded to Rockstar’s Social Club under my username, ArtCows, and from there, I could save them to my computer. With this new tool, and the huge world of Los Santos, I started experimenting with the camera and the digital streets. (more…)

Interview with Vineet Vohra | India

Hello Vineet Vohra! We are honored to be able to interview you for our Featured Photographer format on Street View Photography.

 Featured Photographer Vineet Vohra

Please tell us a little bit about yourself to begin with.

Born in Delhi in 1973, I spent my childhood under the guidance of my father & my father’s elder brother, they are the biggest source of inspiration for me, they both taught me what I possibly couldn’t learn from any school or college. One being a applied artist & the other a noted sculptor so I got the best of both the worlds. (more…)

Street Photography Tips at night

Street Photography Tips at night

Taking pictures at night gives an image a completely different feel because it captures different stories of daily life, sometimes more dramatic than the ones captured during the day. There is also a whole new cast of characters at night that make taking pictures on the streets after dark an even more adventurous experience in street photography.

Barcelona, Spain (C) Juan Jose Reyes


Top 10: Reflections

Street View Photography’s Top 10: Reflections


We see it every day – be it our face, looking back at us from a mirror, a distorted shape of a building in a random puddle or the silhouettes of strangers in the windows of the stores we pass by, as we walk down the street. Unconciously, a great power is bestowed upon such a simple phenomenon as a reflection. Not only does it show, who ”the prettiest of us all” is or can be used as a lethal weapon against Medusa, as the ancient stories tell us – it also seems to confirm our existence. We crave it, we fear it, we’re confused by it. It blurs out the imperfections, it smooths out the edges of our – perhaps boring at times – everyday’s reality. With nothing but a few drops of water or a conveniently placed piece of glass, a reflection, carefully composed into a photograph, can take us into a parallel universe of fantastic shapes and magical abilities, like riding the sky on your bike or even walking on water. Let’s have a look at some of the most compelling stories, a reflection in street photography can tell us.


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