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Top 10: Romania

Street View Photography’s Top 10 : Romania

 Top 10 Format  Romania

Top 10 Format Romania

The moment I wrote this, Street View Photography page has got over 245,000 likes. When I found SVP on Facebook, about a year and a half ago, and started to post there, it had around 20,000 likes. Just feeling the potential and considering the good photos and photographers at that time and with many other regional pages around, I kindly asked David R. Prasser if it was a good idea to have a similar page in Romania as well, since I already knew some very good street photographers are ready to post images. After several virtual meetings on Skype, I started what is now called “Street View Photography Romania”, whose admin I am, Cristian Munteanu.

Even though our country is not a place where you can easily develop and promote yourself as a photographer, because the mentality of some people is still trapped in the communist years, and on the other hand because of chaotic constructions, gray tones of cities, these are the reasons for which Romania in general, and Bucharest in particular, is a perfect shooting range to learn street photography. This is mainly because it disciplines you, while interacting with suspicious people, it forces you to frame carefully while paying attention to cables, garbage cans, etc, and always looking carefully for those moments with strong emotions, which overshadow the not so appealing backgrounds.

SVP-Romania started with really good known photographers as Sorin Vidis, Hajdu Tamas, Vlad Eftenie, Mirela Momanu, Olah Laszlo-Tibor, Oliver Merce, Cosmin Munteanu and Dragos Alexandru, only to nominate a few. In time, many other street photographers began to appear, some even at the beginning of their careers, but are promisingly creating great images. We welcome and accept good shots made by ​​all passionate street photographers from Romania, and also images being more documentary rather than street, only to be strong and with powerful impact and story.

One year later, with more than 2,000 followers, I decided to select 10 pictures (+3 honorable mentions) that we think are the most emblematic for our community. We apologize to everyone, who isn’t featured in this post, all of you are very good! However, for obvious reasons we were forced to limit ourselves to only 13 photos. We invite you to check our Facebook timeline and see all of them.

Nowadays we plan a meeting of Street View Photography Romania members, followed by a photo-walk and, if possible, an exhibition of the best photos posted through the year on Facebook page.

This is our first anniversary, but it’s not the last one! Hope you enjoy the photos.

#10 – „White cat, black cat” by Mircea Branda

Mircea Branda - White cat, black cat

Mircea Branda – White cat, black cat

#09 „Zebra crossing” by Dragos Alexandru

Dragos Alexandru - Zebra crossing

Dragos Alexandru – Zebra crossing

 #08 „In doubt” by Cosmin Munteanu

Cosmin Munteanu - In doubt

Cosmin Munteanu – In doubt

 #07 „Rainy thursday” by Olah Laszlo-Tibor

Olah Laszlo Tibor - Rainy thursday

Olah Laszlo Tibor – Rainy thursday

 #06 „Too late” by Sorin Vidis

Too late - Sorin Vidis

Too late – Sorin Vidis

 #05 „Has anybody seen my dog?” by Cristian Munteanu

Has anybody seen my dog - Cristian Munteanu

Has anybody seen my dog – Cristian Munteanu

 #04 „Just a kiss”  by Mirela Momanu

Mirela Momanu - Just a kiss

Mirela Momanu – Just a kiss

 #03 „Red umbrella” by Vlad Eftenie

Vlad Eftenie - Red umbrella

Vlad Eftenie – Red umbrella

 #02 „Chat room” by Hajdu Tamas



 #01 „Spiderman jr.” By Oliver Merce

Spiderman jr. - Oliver Merce

Spiderman jr. – Oliver Merce


Honorable mentions

 #11 „Jacques… Jacques Clouseau!” by Cristian Bulugea

Cristian Bulugea

Cristian Bulugea

 #12 „Incognito” by Madalin Marienut

Madalin Marienut - Incognito

Madalin Marienut – Incognito

 #13 „Lunch Time” by Sebastian Vacariuc

Sebastian Vacariuc - Lunch Time

Sebastian Vacariuc – Lunch Time

This content was created by the Romania community of Street View Photography for the community of Street Photographers.


Top 10: France

Street View Photography’s Top 10 : France



France is a country full of contrasts. Geographical contrasts, to name one. The landscape ranges from urban, through seashore to countryside. Contrasts in terms of light, too. While the sun is shining all year round in the south, it hardly shows in the north, where the skies remain grey. In between those two, the light changes a lot. Those many contrasts are of course reflected in the people, their attitudes, their habits and their way of living. (more…)

Top 10: Spain

Street View Photography’s Top 10: Spain

Top 10 Format SPAIN

A year ago, my friend Sergi Soriano Vílchez called me and said that he’d contacted an Austrian photographer, who was setting up a photography website, called “Street View Photography”. This guy’s name was David R. Prasser, busy establishing Street View Photography Facebook pages in many countries at that time. (more…)

Top 10: Slow Shutter Speed

Street View Photography’s Top 10: Slow Shutter Speed

Top-10-Format-slow-shutter-speedAny camera (as everybody knows) has a number of magical abilities – the most important likely to be this one: it makes time stop with one single click. And what if we took it to the next level? Not only stopped the time, but did so for single individuals or scenes, while the rest of the world continued in its usual whirl? Can we go beyond freezing the movement to actually capturing the sense of motion? Yes, we can – if we use a trick, called slow shutter speed.

In very simple words: the lower the speed of the shutter, the longer is the time that the light has to affect the film/sensor through the aperture and the more of the movement can be registered on the photograph  – in the form of a more or less recognizable blur. On the other hand, the objects, which remain perfectly still during the whole exposure time, will come out sharp in the picture, creating an amazing contrast to the blurry parts and thus, an ocean of creative opportunities. It is a particularly useful and popular tool in street photography as well, since the slow shutter speed allows turning those run-of-the-mill subjects into exceptional, artistic images. So have a look at some of the best examples of this technique below.


Top 10: Color Photography

Street View Photography’s Top 10: Color Photography


Have you ever experienced taking a street shot in color and while processing it discovered, how it turns into the proverbial gold, once you press the ”Convert to Greyscale” button..? Or perhaps you’ve shown the color version to some of your photo buddies and they’d say: hmmm, why don’t you try it in black&white…? The photo might have been just average, sure – or it could be an example of how stereotypes are born; stereotypes attempting to convince us, that street & color just aren’t right for each other – as some seem to believe. The selection below proves them wrong. Whether the powerful tool of color is applied to subtly enhance a point to be made or it nearly jumps at you out of the picture, loud and strong – some street photo stories couldn’t exist without it. Let us take you through the top 10 of such stories.


Top 10: Reflections

Street View Photography’s Top 10: Reflections


We see it every day – be it our face, looking back at us from a mirror, a distorted shape of a building in a random puddle or the silhouettes of strangers in the windows of the stores we pass by, as we walk down the street. Unconciously, a great power is bestowed upon such a simple phenomenon as a reflection. Not only does it show, who ”the prettiest of us all” is or can be used as a lethal weapon against Medusa, as the ancient stories tell us – it also seems to confirm our existence. We crave it, we fear it, we’re confused by it. It blurs out the imperfections, it smooths out the edges of our – perhaps boring at times – everyday’s reality. With nothing but a few drops of water or a conveniently placed piece of glass, a reflection, carefully composed into a photograph, can take us into a parallel universe of fantastic shapes and magical abilities, like riding the sky on your bike or even walking on water. Let’s have a look at some of the most compelling stories, a reflection in street photography can tell us.


Top 10: Shadows on the Wall

Street View Photography’s Top 10: Shadows on the Wall 


If we look at the images we showcase on our Street View Photography Facebook pages, or any other photo sharing community for that matter, we often find that images featuring a shadow as a subject perform exceptionally well. Shadow Photography seems to capture people’s imagination and engage the viewer emotionally, ensuring its interestingness and popularity.

We all cast a shadow and is there anyone, who has not tried jumping over it at least once in their life? Perhaps it is the child in us that seems to connect to the shadow so very well and that way takes us back in time like the smell of our old classroom or the perfume of our first love. There is something magical and enticingly mysterious about the shadow. It’s a part of us but at the same time a complete stranger, who always seems to be threatening to set itself free to lead a life of its own. (more…)