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Introducing Street View Photography Spain

Hello everyone and welcome to Street View Photography Spain!

Screen shot Spain

Street photography is an old discipline that is becoming very popular in recent years.

It consists of taking pictures of people and their everyday life in squares, streets, avenue and other public places. It is not easy to take pictures of people without disturbing them and sometimes it is necessary and preferable that they know we are around.

by Charo Iriberri Andres, Cuatro Vientos (Madrid)

Capturing the right moment can be tough sometimes, and when it happens, and we capture a frame that tells a story or is impressive from a photographical point of view, we get an insane rush and satisfaction which drives us out on the streets again and keep looking for the next shot.

by Fred Fogherty

Capturing a good frame unnoticed does not intend to upset people, but should make it able to capture a scene in a precise moment, without disturbing or changing anything which we would not see if we were noticed. In a way, street photography is like documentaries, we tell stories or capture situations transforming them in a more or less creative way according to the author’s intention.

by María Cantalapiedra Hernandez

Street View Photography Spain is a space for the exchange of opinions, pictures and ideas. We will try to include all artistic angles related to street photography and give our Spain community a place to get together. We will talk about different styles, colour, black and white, equipment and anything else what is related to taking street pictures in Spain and the world.


by O-Street photography

As most of you know, Street View Photography does not only consist of one, but many regional pages. We will encourage you to take part and share your work, wherever you are. Every picture you submit will be reviewed and the best get showcased. If you never tried it, give it a try now!


by Berns Gilna

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Yours, José Luis Gea Arques
Street View Photography Spain Administrator