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Street Photography Tips at night

Street Photography Tips at night

Taking pictures at night gives an image a completely different feel because it captures different stories of daily life, sometimes more dramatic than the ones captured during the day. There is also a whole new cast of characters at night that make taking pictures on the streets after dark an even more adventurous experience in street photography.

Barcelona, Spain (C) Juan Jose Reyes


Top 10: Reflections

Street View Photography’s Top 10: Reflections


We see it every day – be it our face, looking back at us from a mirror, a distorted shape of a building in a random puddle or the silhouettes of strangers in the windows of the stores we pass by, as we walk down the street. Unconciously, a great power is bestowed upon such a simple phenomenon as a reflection. Not only does it show, who ”the prettiest of us all” is or can be used as a lethal weapon against Medusa, as the ancient stories tell us – it also seems to confirm our existence. We crave it, we fear it, we’re confused by it. It blurs out the imperfections, it smooths out the edges of our – perhaps boring at times – everyday’s reality. With nothing but a few drops of water or a conveniently placed piece of glass, a reflection, carefully composed into a photograph, can take us into a parallel universe of fantastic shapes and magical abilities, like riding the sky on your bike or even walking on water. Let’s have a look at some of the most compelling stories, a reflection in street photography can tell us.


Minimal | Jamie Furlong and Francesca Fascione


The third collaboration series by Urban Picnic featured on Street View Photography. In this article Jamie Furlong talks with Italian photographer Francesca Fascione. The series of street photos below are based on the idea ‘Minimal’, and taken in April/May 2013 (more…)

Top 10: Shadows on the Wall

Street View Photography’s Top 10: Shadows on the Wall 


If we look at the images we showcase on our Street View Photography Facebook pages, or any other photo sharing community for that matter, we often find that images featuring a shadow as a subject perform exceptionally well. Shadow Photography seems to capture people’s imagination and engage the viewer emotionally, ensuring its interestingness and popularity.

We all cast a shadow and is there anyone, who has not tried jumping over it at least once in their life? Perhaps it is the child in us that seems to connect to the shadow so very well and that way takes us back in time like the smell of our old classroom or the perfume of our first love. There is something magical and enticingly mysterious about the shadow. It’s a part of us but at the same time a complete stranger, who always seems to be threatening to set itself free to lead a life of its own. (more…)

Interview with Costas Masseras | Greece

Hello Costas Masseras ! We are honored to be able to interview you for our Featured Photographer format on!


Please tell us a little bit about yourself to begin with.

I was born in Piraeus 48 years ago, and I’m living in Athens. Over the last 20 years I’m working in photo equipment selling shops, but these difficult years of the crisis in Greece, it is very difficult to continue with this job. I’m married and I love to combine traveling with photography.