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Analog Street Photography

Analog Photography in Street Photography

Why the hell should I do this?, you may ask. And then you will list all the disadvantages as a slow workflow from the exposure to the final image, that you can’t control immediately, what you have shot. That you only have a limited number of pictures on a film, that you can’t change the ASA- setting from one image to the next and, and, and….Well and now after many years of technical development even hardcore analog-fans have to admit that the technical quality of digitally taken pictures are better than those of exposured on film. But have you ever asked yourself why all these great photographers as for example Henri Cartier Bresson, Saul Leiter, Chargesheimer only to mention a few – why and how they could take their pictures without any digital help?

The answer is obvious: It’s not only a question of used technology.


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Introducing Street View Photography Mexico

Hey, this is Jaime Avila, administrator of SVP-Mexico. The ninth sister of Street View Photography, the mexican page was launched on May 9th, founded by a grear group of mexican street photography enthusiasts who were (and still are) willing to show the world what happens in our streets. Being not a country widely known for having a strong street photography culture, both producing or appreciating it, we are all committed into transmitting our cultural heritage on our images